The club has been formed with the sole aim of providing entertainment, excitement and fun for its members.

Dunham Racing Club
Grass-roots greyhound racing

Our Mission Statement:
To provide a well-managed facility where greyhound enthusiasts can school, train and race their dogs with the highest emphasis on animal welfare and track safety.
To provide support and facilities that enable enthusiasts to develop knowledge and skills, have social contact, share good practice and take part in fair and competitive racing.

Constitution and Rules of Racing
The Dunham Racing Club is a not-for-profit organisation with the following objectives:
To organise greyhound race meetings, under rules similar to those used by greyhound clubs in continental Europe.
• To develop greyhound racing as a participation sport for everyone.
• Provide training, education, information, advice and guidance for its members.
• To raise standards of greyhound welfare.
• To raise funds to achieve these aims.

Greyhound meetings will be run in accordance with the Welfare of Racing Greyhounds Regulations 2010 under veterinary supervision and all greyhounds will race in their stud-book names. The rules of racing will be similar to those used by greyhound clubs in continental Europe, but amended to take account of English legislation and local conditions.
Races will only be run for prize-money and prizes raised or donated by members and supporters.
A training programme has been developed to improve members knowledge and skills and will include modules on:

• Caring for a racing greyhound
• Transporting and handling racing greyhounds
• Keeping you and your greyhound safe at the track
• Greyhound First Aid
• When and how to get professional help

General Rules

Membership is open to anyone who pays a subscription and supports the Club's aims and objectives.
Members will be required to pay a annual subscription of £10 and a contribution towards the vets fee and club administration costs of £8 per dog when their greyhound takes part in official trials. No charge will be made for admission to race meetings for members, their families and friends. No entry fees or stake money will be charged to enter races.
Members will not be able to enter dogs into races until they have demonstrated an acceptable level of competence and fully understand track safety procedures.
There will be no requirement for any member to physically attend any meeting or event, all Club business shall be conducted via electronic communication.
The Club's financial information will be available to all members and updated regularly.
The Club will not enter any arrangement that places it in debt or financial exposure, own any fixed assets other than equipment associated with running a race meeting or advertise any race meeting or event unless there are sufficient funds in place.
In the event of the Club being dissolved, all money and assets will be donated to greyhound welfare organisations.

Rules of Racing

Purpose of these rules:
The purpose of these rules is to regulate Club race meetings and uphold high standards of greyhound welfare and integrity. They are binding on all members of the club.

Competence of members and paraders:
All members and persons parading dogs must demonstrate that they are competent to carry out the procedures required at a race meeting or trials session. All parades will be held under the supervision of the Starter, whose instructions must be obeyed at all times. No person under the age of 16 may parade a greyhound.

Age and qualifications of greyhounds for racing:
A greyhound under the age of fifteen (15) months will not be allowed to compete in a race. The age of a greyhound shall be reckoned as beginning on the first day of the calendar month in which it was whelped.
• A greyhound shall be considered to be a puppy for a period of 24 months from and including the month of whelping.
• A greyhounds age cannot change during a competition that takes place over several days.

Kennelling is optional, but greyhounds must be looked after in a manner that provides sufficient ventilation and comfort at all times.

Racing Programme, Race Conditions, trap draws, and seeding:
A Racing Programme and conditions for individual races and competitions will be decided in advance by members.
Where a trap draw is required, it must be made in public. Greyhounds may be classified as wide, middle or rails and will be seeded accordingly.

Withdrawal of a greyhound:
A member may withdraw a greyhound from a race for the following reasons:
• Inability to attend the meeting. In this case the Club Secretary must be informed as soon as possible, by phone, text or e-mail, of the reason. If the Club Secretary is not informed or the explanation is unreasonable, the greyhound will have to re-trial.
• ANY reason in connection with the health or welfare of the greyhound. The greyhound will have to re-trial.
• A bitch coming into season.
• Any other reason that is acceptable to the Club Secretary.

Any greyhound disqualified for aggressive interference (fighting) during a race will be required to undergo a clearing trial with at least two other greyhounds of similar ability.

8. The Track:
The club will hire the track and some of the facilities at Dunham Greyhound Centre for the purpose of holding its meetings.
Dunham Greyhound Centre will supply technical support staff and will be responsible for veterinary cover

Performance altering substances:
Greyhounds must not be given any substance capable of affecting their performance. Ordinary food and nutrients which are fed by mouth are excluded from this rule.
A member must be prepared to give a full account of the medical history of a greyhound in their ownership to the track vet upon request.

Prize money and prizes:
All prize money and prizes will be awarded at the end of a race meeting. If a greyhound is subsequently disqualified all money and other prizes (or their equivalent) must be returned to the Club. A member may not race or trial any greyhound while they are in debt to the Club.

Race-cards, results and form:
All information will be published electronically. Print-outs of race-cards will be available at meetings.

The Club will have no liability for any injury sustained by a greyhound as a consequence of racing or trialling at Club events. All greyhounds run at the owners risk.

13. Cancellations, Postponements
The Club and Dunham Greyhound Centre have the right to cancel, postpone or abandon a meeting at any time for reasons of safety, inclement weather or insufficient entries.